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The Finnish Patriot

“The Finnish Patriot” by Henrik Brun is the fourth volume in the series about journalist Ketil Brandt, and like “Decoy. Danish”, “The Norwegian Lackey” and “The Swedish Liar” it can be read separately. In “The Finnish Patriot” a Russian gay rights activist is murdered in a sauna in Eastern Finland close to the border to Russia causing a diplomatic fuss between Finland and Russia. In Helsinki as in the rest of the EU-capitals Russia is already being criticized for its laws against homosexuals in specific and human rights organizations in general. Moving to kill opponents abroad is one step too far. …read more

The Swedish Liar

The Swedish Liar by Henrik Brun is the third volume in the series about journalist Ketil Brandt, and like Decoy. Danish and The Norwegian Lackey it can be read separately.

On his way to Stockholm Danish journalist Ketil Brandt stops over in Malmo, where he witness a shooting in the street with a suspicious woman fleeing in panic from the crime scene. The victim is a Cypriot diplomat visiting the city off-duty and the police and press agree that he was a random target of a new Malmo shooter chasing foreigners. …read more

The Norwegian Lackey

“The Norwegian Lackey” is the second volume in the series about journalist Ketil Brandt. Like the first volume Decoy. Danish it can be read separately

After a few years of being left out in the cold Danish journalist Ketil Brandt is forgiven and re-hired by Dagbladet. He is in Holland writing an article for the paper, when a Danish woman named Ana is being stabbed to death in a park in the Hague in broad daylight. Dagbladet wants Ketil Brandt to cover the story, and when the police’s prime suspect is murdered in Berlin less than 24 hours later the case takes a new and much unexpected turn. At the same time both the Dutch and the German police seem a little bit too eager to close the case, which doesn’t make the whole matter less suspicious. …read more

Decoy. Danish

“Decoy. Danish.” (original title: Den danske lokkedue) by Henrik Brun is a new Scandinavian crime novel about human trade, trafficking and corruption taking place in international settings.

The novel leads its Danish key figure, journalist Ketil Brandt, to the south eastern corner of Europe. More specifically the former Yugoslavia, where Ketil Brandt finds himself in the eye of the storm and amongst a brutal network of traffickers, an utmost attractive reporter from Slovenia and a female Danish handball star.

It certainly wasn’t what the previously so tough, but now rather burnt-out, foreign reporter had in mind for a wedding invitation from Sarajevo. …read more