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“The Finnish Patriot” by Henrik Brun is the fourth volume in the series about journalist Ketil Brandt, and like “Decoy. Danish”, “The Norwegian Lackey” and “The Swedish Liar” it can be read separately. In “The Finnish Patriot” a Russian gay rights activist is murdered in a sauna in Eastern Finland close to the border to Russia causing a diplomatic fuss between Finland and Russia. In Helsinki as in the rest of the EU-capitals Russia is already being criticized for its laws against homosexuals in specific and human rights organizations in general. Moving to kill opponents abroad is one step too far.

The Danish journalist Ketil Brandt is sent to Helsinki cover the story, and he quickly experiences attempts from many sides to calm down the atmosphere in order to reestablish relations with Russia – since the Second World War the top priority for any Finnish government. Ketil starts cooperating with the female Finnish reporter Malin Lindström and together they work hard to get to the bottom of the case.

Their investigation brings them wide and about in the environments of dissidents in Finland and the Baltic States, the orthodox church, skinheads, foreign ambassadors and even the circles of the president. Much too late they realize that there is a reason that the killer himself is on the run.

Reviews – The Finnish Patriot

“Henrik Brun juggles convincingly with his high level of knowledge of the international political scene and a good language (…) A recommendable and clever novel”

– Berlingske

“Brun has done it again”

– Politiken

“A top level international thriller”

– Kristeligt Dagblad

“An exciting and entertaining thriller”

– Lokalavisen Frederiksberg

Ketil Brandt #4

Henrik Brun
The Finnish Patriot

Turbine 2014 (DK)